Effective Puppy Training Tips and Techniques

You just got a new puppy and your whole family is ecstatic! Puppy training is probably the last thing on your mind. But unless you teach your puppy the proper behavior, all this excitement will soon turn into frustration and agony.

Puppy Training

Would you like to guess whose agony?

The damage caused by young, untrained puppies can be significant, often running into $1,000s of dollars. Just think: damaged furniture, ruined carpets, your clothes and shoes, even walls and doors. And then there's the goodwill of your neighbors...

But puppy training should not be complicated, costly, or frustrating... if you know what to do.

I was a new dog owner too and experienced the same emotions you are experiencing right now. I also made a lot of costly mistakes. But each mistake that I made taught me a valuable lesson.

After raising five puppies, and understanding what you are going through right now, I feel I can help you raise a well-behaved and obedient dog in the shortest time possible. I also hope I can help you avoid making the same mistakes that I made.

Here is how this site can help you...

Puppy Training Solutions

The Puppy Training Solutions will teach you not only how to train a puppy in the shortest time possible but also how to minimize the damage to your household and how to raise a well adjusted dog who will become a full fledged member of your family. And do it without losing your sanity!

This site brings together, absolutely free, information on...

There is even a section on housebreaking older dogs. If you adopted a pet that was not properly house trained, you need this information.

This site provides real answers, tips and advice to your questions on puppy training.

Whether you are a first time or an experienced owner, you will find something of value here. Even if you are just thinking about buying a puppy, I will show you how to evaluate breeders and steer clear of puppy mills masquerading as breeders.

The free puppy training tips and techniques on this site are guaranteed to work, but they require one very special ingredient: Your Love, Patience and... some more Patience! OK, I lied, it's actually two ingredients!

A Quick Note...

As you may have noticed throughout this site, I refer to all dogs as "HE", "HIM" and "HIS".

I only do this to keep things simple and would like to reassure you that I did not intend to insult female dogs (and their owners)!

And, of course, all training advice you will find on this site applies equally to male and female dogs.


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