Benefits of Dog Carriers
for Car, Airplane and Street Use

Without shadow of a doubt, when given the choice, most dogs would prefer to travel in dog carriers rather than being left alone at home for the rest of the day.

The social nature of dogs makes them ideal travel companions that enjoy being part of your trip, whether it is just around the block or across the country.

Dog and puppy carriers offer a convenient way to transport your puppy or an adult dog. When traveling, it will keep your puppy safe and provide him with a sense of security.

But choosing the right carrier is not just about convenience. Pet carriers play an integral role in ensuring the comfort and safety of our dogs.

Choosing Carriers for Small Dogs

Small dogs offer the advantage of being lightweight, compact and easy to take along on pleasant outings. Thanks to their small size, a variety of accessories have been crafted so you can take your pampered pooch almost anywhere!

Small dog carriers come in a variety of materials so to suit every occasion: leather, fabric and faux fur are a few examples. Carriers for small dogs are ultimately the most convenient way of transporting your dog while keeping him safe and comfortable on the trip.

A stylish fashion statement can be easily made by transporting your pooch in a small dog purse carrier for street use. Available in different styles, designs and trendy colors, dog purse carriers certainly get their share of attention from the public, especially if your pooch loves to stick his head out of it!

Alternatively, a backpack dog carrier may offer a convenient solution for dog owners who wish to have hands-free movement. You can use a backpack with slightly larger dogs and some models can even convert to car seats for dogs!

Totes, duffle bags and airline-approved carriers on wheels are also some stylish ideas for transporting small dogs of different sizes.

Dog Carriers

Choosing Carriers for Larger Dogs

Larger dogs obviously will not likely fit into a purse or a back pack, however, a vast array of carriers were crafted with their size in mind. None of them are designed to "carry" a large dog; rather, they are used to transport your dog by car or plane. Your dog may also use them as a retreat whenever he needs some privacy.

Plastic, wire mesh and canvas are a few materials used for crates crafted with large dogs in mind. Each of them offers several pros and cons when utilized for the purpose of travelling.

Plastic dog carriers may be sturdy and private but they may be heavy to transport, especially when containing larger dogs.

Wire dog carriers are generally easy to transport since many can be folded; therefore, wire crates can be great for car travel, dog shows and canine competitions.

Canvas dog carriers offer the advantage of being extremely lightweight, but they do not offer the same level of protection as the other crates and are generally not considered very durable.

Choosing Dog Carriers for Car Travel

If you are traveling by car, you want a sturdy dog car carrier that will protect your dog, yourself and your car from potential damage. Plastic, wire mesh and aluminum are common materials used to manufacture carriers crafted for dog car travel.

Your carrier should offer enough room for your dog so he can comfortably stand up, lay down and turn around, but should not be so spacious as to allow your dog to be tossed around in the case of a sharp curve.

When it comes to ease in cleaning up messes, wire mesh crates are easier to clean compared to plastic crates. Some brands of wire frame crates also boast a raised floor that allows food, debris, and waste to collect into a sturdy pan placed below. On the other hand, they don't provide the same level of privacy as plastic crates.

Aluminum dog carriers are built for durability; these crates are extremely sturdy yet lightweight because they are made out of aircraft grade aluminum. Not as common as plastic and wire frame carriers, aluminum carriers are my favorite because they combine best features of plastic and wire frame crates. But they are also more expensive...

Choosing a Carrier for Air Travel

When it comes to selecting an airline dog carrier, good research is a must to ensure your carrier adheres to stringent requirements which may vary from one airline to another. The material, shape and size requirements of the crate will vary based on whether the dog will be transported in the cabin or belly of the plane.


Good ventilation is of primary importance when it comes to traveling with your pet on a plane.

For travel in the cabin, size really matters since the goal is to have the carrier fit under the seat in front. Several soft-sided carriers for small dogs are airline approved. A good carrier for the cabin should have a waterproof bottom and adequate ventilation.

With larger dogs, things get slightly more complicated. Carriers, in this case, require sturdy materials, appropriate ventilation, proper locking system, water and food attachments and sturdy fasteners. Live animal stickers, flight information and identification tags must often be attached to the outside of the crate.

Final Thoughts...

Whether you need to protect a small dog in a crowded area, transport your dog safely in the car or fly your dog across several state lines, dog carriers help your pampered pooch be part of your family's outdoor activities. Best of all, many dog carriers are also great for indoor use, when your dog simply wants to rest in a comfortable and secure place.

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