Are Dog Ear Mites Dangerous to your Pet?

Like ticks and fleas, dog ear mites are external parasites that live on infected dogs and puppies.

Barely seen by the naked eye, ear mites appear to be small white dots.

If you leave your infected pet untreated, he can develop bleeding sores, ear infection and even a permanent hearing loss.

Ear mites are highly contagious and are easily transmitted by an infected dog.

While ear mites are more common in cats than dogs, they are still common enough to infect many dogs.

Some Background...

It takes about three weeks for an ear mite to develop into an adult.

Contradictory to the term "dog ear mites", these parasites can live anywhere on your dog's body. They are highly contagious to other pets that live in the same household.

Cats, rodents, etc. can easily infect your dog and just as easily can get infected by your dog. Humans, on the other hand, can't get infected.

There are several species of mites that can infect your dog, but the most common is Otodectes cynotis. Actually, the species is not important, since the treatment will be the same (more on dog ear mites treatments in a moment).

Symptoms Of Dog Ear Mites

The most telltale sign that your dog may be infected with ear mites is if you see him constantly scratching around his ears. Another common sign of dog ear mites is if your dog is shaking his head, as if trying to get something out of his ears.

A less obvious symptom is presence of blood in your dog's ear canal. Take a look inside your dog's ear. If you notice a dark mass resembling ground coffee, that's probably dried up blood. Fresh blood is easier to recognize.

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If you notice any of these symptoms, discuss your concerns with your veterinarian. Ear mites are easy to get rid of, but if left untreated, they can cause great damage to your pet.    

The Treatment

Dog ear mites are susceptible to several medications, but make sure that the medication you buy contains an insecticide. If it doesn't, it will not eliminate mites.

The most commonly used insecticide is Pyrethrins. Any product that contains this ingredient will do the job.

Dog Ear Mite Treatment

Here is an example of one such product -- Eradimite Ear Mite Treatmenticon.

It will not only kill off ear mites but it will also remove ear wax. Eradimite is non-prescription and sold over-the-counter.

To kill off all adult mites, as well as eggs, treat your dog for at least 2 to 3 weeks. 

Because mites don't live just in ears, treat the whole body, from head to tail.

To kill mites on your dog's body, you can use one of many tick and flea medications (read the label to make sure it will work on mites).

Another product you may use to treat from ear mites is Mita-Clear.

Dog Ear Mites Medicine

Mita-Clearicon is a combination of Pyrethrin and piperonyl butoxide, two potent parasiticides.

Mita-Clear offers faster kill and acts in the ear as an insect repellant.



Because ear mites are highly contagious and easily transferred between dogs, cats, and rodents, it's best if all animals living in the same household receive simultaneous treatment.

While there are plenty of over-the-counter medications that you can use to successfully treat your pet, if you suspect him of being infected with ear mites, talk to your veterinarian first.   

Dog ear mites are just one species of parasites that can do a lot of damage to your pet's health. The others are…

  • Ticks
  • Fleas
  • Worms

To learn how to keep your dog healthy and parasite-free, visit…

...pages. Visit dog mites for additional information on dog ear mites.

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