Avoid These Costly
Dog Toilet Training Mistakes

Dog toilet training isn't always easy but it's not beyond your reach, even if you are a new dog owner.

To successfully housetrain your dog, you need to follow time proven training techniques and avoid some common toilet training mistakes.

If you can accomplish that, toilet training will not only be a lot easier but it will also be less destructive…

Let's review some of the most common puppy toilet training mistakes and try to correct each and every one of them...

"My Dog is Still Young…"

One of the most common misconceptions is that you can't successfully potty train a puppy before he is six months old.


Puppies absorb information much easier when they are around eight to ten weeks old. Start toilet training around eight weeks of age.

By the time your puppy is six months old, toilet training should be winding down.

"Paper Training IS Housebreaking…"

With paper training, you teach your puppy to eliminate on a bunch of old newspapers.

Sometimes paper training can be justified (visit paper training to learn more), but in general, I feel it only prolongs dog toilet training.

Here is why I feel this way…

First, you teach your puppy that it's OK to eliminate in your house. Then, as your puppy becomes older, you begin to teach him to eliminate outdoors. Since your puppy already learned to eliminate indoors, it will take a lot longer to retrain him to eliminate outdoors.

Why not just skip paper training altogether?

I don't want you to think that I am just looking for a shortcut, but if a shortcut accomplishes better results in a shorter amount of time, take it!

"Dog Toilet Training will be Quick and Easy…"

I wish it was true. 

It will be frustrating when he eliminates just before you take him outside. It will be even more frustrating when he eliminates right after you return home from his walk. You will even think that he is doing it on purpose!

Dog toilet training requires a lot of dedication on your part. You will need to take him outside in a bad weather or while you are watching your favorite TV program. Sometimes, you will even need to rearrange your schedule because of your puppy.

So, if anything, puppy toilet training is not quick and easy. But… it does not last forever!

"Crates are Cruel…"

I think this is the biggest misconception a lot of dog owners have regarding puppy crates.

Most puppies enjoy the time they spend in a crate. If you use it properly, a crate will become your puppy's "den," a place where he will feel safe and secure.

As long as you accustom your puppy to a crate slowly, don't keep him there for too long and don't use it to punish him, a crate will be the most valuable dog toilet training tool at your disposal.  

dog crate Designer Color Wire Homes from Kennel Aire is one of my favorites.

It's constructed of heavy steel wire for maximum strength, ventilation, visibility and… you can assemble it in minutes without any tools.



Visit crate training a puppy to find out why a crate is such a valuable puppy toilet training tool.

If you want to learn more about crate training, I strongly recommend this house training guide. 10 of its 120+ pages explain how to housebreak your puppy with the help of this valuable tool.

Not Paying Enough Attention to Your Puppy

Dog toilet training is progressing nicely. Your puppy is getting better and better at holding his bladder.

One day, you take him outside to his designated bathroom. After some time, you notice that he did number one. Because you have other things on your mind, you are not paying close attention to your puppy. You assume that he also did number two, and both of you return home.

Just as you return, he… poops.

Whose fault is it?

Sorry to say it, but it's your fault. When you take your puppy outside, keep a close watch of what's going on.

Here are some more tips for avoiding common puppy training mistakes...

Learn more about How to Housetrain your Puppy

Dog Toilet Training and Urine Removers

Accidents do and will happen.

A common mistake is to use ammonia or ammonia based products when cleaning up.

Ammonia is a compound found in urine and its smell will trick your puppy into thinking that this is his toilet spot.

A lot of products don't contain ammonia, but while they may remove the stain, they will not eliminate the smell of your puppy's urine or feces. To eliminate the stain and smell, use special enzyme-digesting cleaners.

dog urine removerI had used GET SERiOUS! Pet Stain, Odor and Pheromone Extractor and found it to be very effective.  

What makes GET SERiOUS! so good is that it removes not only the stain, but also pheromone in the odors so your pet won't re-mark area. It's non-toxic, biodegradable, non-flammable, and safe to use around children and pets.

GET SERiOUS! has been highly rated by Dog Fancy and Dog World magazines. And Get Serious was the second product ever endorsed by the ASPCA when they first started their "Seal of Approval" endorsement program. Pretty impressive, don't you agree?

Visit dog urine remover page to learn what to look for when searching for a urine remover. You'll also learn how a good urine remover can make dog toilet training less destructive. 

We just went over some common dog toilet training mistakes. If you can recognize them before they happen, dog toilet training will progress a lot smoother.

Puppy Training

For additional information on dog toilet training and how to successfully housetrain and raise your puppy I recommend you follow this comprehensive dog training package.

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