Dog Training Devices
Tools and Aids to help you Train your Puppy

Dog training devices come in many shapes and styles, and are quite helpful when you need to teach your dog the right behavior.

There is no doubt that an untrained dog can create havoc and serious headaches for dog owners. It's also a well known fact that untrained dogs often end up in dog shelters.

The right choice of training devices can help your dog become a well behaved member of society and a joy to have around.

With the right choice of dog training tools and the right training techniques, you can help your dog succeed while building a closer, healthier and happier relationship with your dog.

An Overview of Basic Dog Training Devices

Quite vast arrays of dog training aids are available on the market. Without a proper guide, it is easy for dog owners to feel a bit overwhelmed and confused. But if you know what to look for and what a training tool can do for your dog, you can considerably narrow down your choices.

Dog Training Devices

Let's take a look at some basic training aids and how they can help you effectively train your dog.

Chew Toys

Would you consider a toy to be a training aid? If not, consider this -- all puppies and dogs love to chew.

Kong Toy

Dog chew toys will not only satisfy your puppy's desire to chew and help protect your belongings but can also have a positive effect on dogs suffering from separation anxiety.

Needless to say, all puppies and dogs need to have several good chew toys.


Dog Training Treats

A reward-based training method will help owners achieve superior results much quicker and with less frustration.

Dog Treats

Dog training treats are considered training tools because they allow you to reward wanted behaviors.

By learning how to correctly use a dog training treat you can successfully teach your dog using scientifically proven training methods. And best of all, anybody can learn how to train their dog with treats while at the same time having fun!

Dog Training Collars

Perhaps one of the most important dog training devices you will ever have to buy is a dog collar. But with so many different types of collars on the market, don't take this decision lightly.

Dog Training Collars

Most collars were designed with a specific purpose, so it is important you learn what the purposes of training dog collars are before you can make an informed decision.

Dog Training Leashes

Where there is a collar, there is hopefully a leash.

Dog Training Leashes

Dog training leashes are part of responsible ownership and are required by law in many areas.

Just as with collars, a vast array of leashes are on the market crafted for specific purposes. Choosing the right leash for you is important. Look for sturdiness and durability if you are looking for a long-term investment.

Puppy Crates

Crates are a helpful aid for house training puppies and adult dogs. Needless to say, they are a must-have for all dog owners.

Dog Crates

Based on a dog's natural instinct of living in a den, puppy crates provide a comfortable and secure place for dogs to call home.

From portable to virtually indestructible, there are many dog crates on the market designed for different purposes and offered in a variety of sizes and materials.

Additional Dog Training Equipment

These additional dog training devices are optional and some are used in advanced training.

While they are not basic dog training aids everybody should have, these dog training devices are designed to make training easier while accomplishing different goals. Some of these devices should be preferably used by experienced owners.

Dog Training Whistle

Did you know that dogs respond faster and better to neutral tones rather than voice?

Dog Whistle

There are many benefits in training your dog to respond to a silent dog whistle. Whether you are teaching your dog to hunt, herd, or simply respond to commands from a distance, a silent dog whistle has the potential to yield a happy and responsive companion.

While this is an advanced training tool, you can easily learn how to shift your dog from verbal commands to whistle blasts and pips by following some easy steps.

Dog Clicker

A clicker is a noise-making dog training device initially developed for training marine mammals. Similar to whistles, all dogs respond well to a dog clicker because it delivers neutral tones.

Dog Clicker

Clicker training is a fun and rewarding way to train dogs and is now even considered a philosophy. Learning to clicker train is not difficult; however, it requires good timing and a basic understanding of how a clicker works.

In my opinion, clicker training, combined with dog treats, is the fastest and gentlest dog training method.

Dog Walking Harness

While sold in the same aisles as collars, harnesses differ from collars for the simple fact that they are not typically worn around the neck.

Dog Harness

Rather, harnesses surround the dog's torso in a similar fashion as harness tack for horses.

A dog walking harness was specifically designed to discourage dogs from pulling while encouraging polite, loose-leash walking.

Dog Agility Devices

Dog agility is an exciting sport attracting more and more dog owners across the globe.

Dog Agility

Whether you have a high-energy dog or simply a dog looking for an escape from boredom, agility may be a great way for dogs to release pent up energy while having fun.

The right dog agility equipment will help your dog learn the ABC's of this adrenaline-fueled sport while helping you build teamwork.

Electronic Dog Collars

Electronic dog collars are often a source of controversy and debates but when used correctly and as directed, e-collars are safe.

Electronic Dog Collar

A shock collar offers the advantage of delivering a correction in a timely manner, even when the owner is at a distance. Because of this, dogs are unlikely to associate the owner with the correction. However, shock collars have the potential for inflicting discomfort and pain, and may cause stress and aggression in certain dogs.

The choice of using an electronic collar is ultimately a personal one, but it is best if used under the guidance of a professional trainer.

Final Thoughts...

Whether essential or optional, dog training devices are specifically designed to help you train your puppy or dog. While quite effective, it is important to understand that dog training devices are just tools that need to be complemented with training in order for them to work.

Investing in the right dog training devices and spending a few minutes per day training your dog can dramatically improve your relationship with your canine companion.

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