Using Holistic Pet Medicine
to Keep your Dog Healthy

As more and more options become available in veterinary medicine, it was only a matter of time before holistic pet medicine became a legitimate treatment option for pets. And while the concepts of alternative medicine for dogs and herbal dog medicine are fairly new, the speed at which they are being accepted is truly amazing.

Just like us, our pets are affected by the health hazards of modern day living. Poor nutrition and unhealthy lifestyles can lead to a variety of conditions that only recently were considered as "human illnesses". An increasing number of pets are receiving treatment for cancer, anxiety, and even depression.

Unlike the traditional medicine, which treats the symptoms after your pet gets sick, the main goal of holistic pet medicine is to prevent these diseases from occurring in the first place. Don't you agree that this approach makes more sense?

Holistic pet medicine and natural pet care can address majority of pet health concerns by helping our pets to live a healthier lifestyle. How?

The easiest way to keep your pet healthy is by feeding him a well-balanced diet. This sounds logical but most commercial dog food is quite poor in nutritional value. Most holistic veterinarians list commercial pet foods as one of the major contributory causes in the rising rates of chronic illness in pets today.

Dog Getting a Massage

In addition to feeding your pet a healthy and balanced diet, herbal pet products and supplements can ensure your pet receives the nutrients they need to lead healthy lives. Which brings us to the following question...

Do Natural Remedies for Dogs Work?

In the wild, most animals, including dogs, instinctively seek out healing herbs to help them when they are ill or undernourished. I am sure you have seen your dog eat grass on numerous occasions.

While the Western civilization is just beginning to learn about the healing properties of natural remedies, animals have known them all along!

While holistic pet medicine is not a substitute for conventional treatment methods, it does offer many benefits over the so called "traditional medicine". When combined with conventional veterinary care, the homeopathic pet medicine will ensure your pet will lead a long and healthy life!

I know I am being repetitive but it's worth repeating -- the goal of holistic pet medicine is to keep your pet healthy. Unfortunately, while it's effective, it's not foolproof... Some dogs are born with hereditary diseases that can't be treated with alternative pet health care.

If you suspect your pet is ill, see a veterinarian. You may choose a holistic veterinarian if you wish, but don't try to diagnose and treat your pet on your own.

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