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If you have decided to adopt a dog, congratulation! If you are not sure if puppy rescue adoption is right for you, continue reading.

Dog rescue centres are crammed with puppies and dogs that ended up there for a variety of reasons. But no matter why a dog was placed in a shelter, rarely it's due to his or her own fault. Some of the most common reasons, in no particular order, dog owners give for surrendering their pets include:

But some dogs do end up in a shelter because they were too aggressive towards other pets or people. That's why it's important to talk to shelter staff and try to get the full history of the dog you are thinking about adopting.

If you are still not sure if puppy rescue adoption is right for you, here are some interesting facts that might change your mind:

This puppy rescue adoption page will help you to locate a puppy from one of the dog rescue groups near you. You can search by breed and zip code.

Find and help adoptable shelter dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens

If you plan to buy your puppy because you couldn't find the breed you have your heart set on, or you still feel puppy rescue adoption is not for you, learn how to find a reputable dog breeder. As far as pet stores go, I don't recommending buying from them because most, but not all, buy their puppies from puppy mills.

If you do decide to adopt a dog, I recommend you visit house training an older dog to learn how to deal with some problems that your dog may experience right after adoption.

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