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Introduction to Puppy Training

  • House Training a Puppy

    An introduction to house training. Learn what to expect, what training aids you may need, etc. A good place to start, even if you have experience with dogs!

Crate Training

  • Crate Training a Puppy

    Learn why crate training is the fastest method for housebreaking your puppy.

    • Puppy Crate Training Whining

      Solve dog and puppy crate training whining and crying problem with these easy to follow training tips.

    • Crate Training your Puppy

      Learn how to introduce your puppy to his new crate and how to avoid some common crate training mistakes.

    • Crate Training Puppies

      Cate training tips and suggestions.

    • Crate Training an Older Dog

      How to introduce an older dog to the most effective house training tool available -- the crate.

    • Crate Training Dogs

      Learn how crate training can fix numerous behavior problems in young puppies and adult dogs.

    • Dog Play Pen

      I'll explain the differences between a dog pen and a dog crate and how a dog pen can be beneficial to any dog owner.

    • Dog Carriers

      Learn if your dog can benefit from having one.

House Training an Older Dog

Why Dogs Misbehave

  • Puppy Behavior

    Is your dog driving you crazy? Learn about various dog behaviors and how to correct them.

    • Socializing your Dog

      Learn how to socialize your puppy to humans and other animals.

    • Stop Dog from Barking

      How to put an end to excessive barking.

    • Stop Puppy Biting

      Learn why puppies like to bite and how to discourage this behavior.

    • Puppy Teething

      Follow these instructions to survive puppy teething, chewing and biting phase.

    • Submissive Urination in Dogs

      Submissive urination is your puppy's way of showing respect. Learn how to replace this behavior with something less destructive!

    • Stop Dog from Digging

      Learn why dogs love to dig and what you can do about it.

    • Stop Dog Growling

      Should you be concerned about your dog's growling? Maybe. Learn more about this behavior.

    • Dog Jumping on People

      A sight of a jumping puppy can be amusing, but this behavior should be discouraged. Learn why.

    • Stop Dog Jumping Fence

      Learn how to stop dog jumping fence to escape behavior with these easy to follow instructions

    • Puppy Aggression

      Learn about the symptoms and causes of dog and puppy aggression.

    • Dog on Dog Aggression Training

      Learn how to stop dog on dog aggression.

    • Dog Marking Territory

      If your dog urinates a lot, he could be "marking" his territory. Learn why dogs do this and if anything can be done to stop it.

    • Dog Eating Feces

      The header says it all! Learn how to put an end to this disgusting behavior.

    • Puppy Separation Anxiety

      Does your puppy throw tantrums when you are about to leave the house? If you answered "yes", this article is for you.

    • Treating Separation Anxiety in Dogs

      Learning how to treat separation anxiety in dogs will have a huge impact on your relationship with your puppy. Instructions to treat dog separation anxiety.

Introduction to Dog Training

  • Dog Training at Home

    Teach your puppy good habits from day one by initiating dog training at home.

Obedience Training

  • Basic Dog Obedience Training

    Everything you need to know to raise an obedient dog.

    • Dog Clicker Training

      Improve your puppy obedience / behavior training skills and build a stronger bond with your pet using these dog clicker training techniques.

    • Training your Dog to Sit

      Want to prevent your dog from engaging in unwanted behaviors? Training your dog to sit when instructed will accomplish that. Learn how to teach dog to sit.

    • Training your Dog to Come

      Training your dog to come when instructed can potentially be a life saver. Here is how to do it...

    • Training your Dog to Stay

      Teach your puppy good manners and keep him out of trouble with these easy to follow training your dog to stay instructions.

    • Basic Dog Training Commands

      Improve communication between you and your puppy by teaching him these basic dog training commands.

    • Dog Training Hand Signals

      Expand and improve your puppy training skills with these dog training hand signals.

    • Dog Obedience Training Tips

      Avoid costly puppy training mistakes by following these dog obedience training tips.

    • Obedience Training for Dogs

      How to choose the best obedience training style for you and your puppy.

    • Dog Behavior Tips

      More tips and examples of behavior and obedience training.

Leash Training

Training Devices and Aids

  • Dog Training Devices

    An overview of dog training devices and when to use them.

    • Training Dog Collars

      Learn about various dog training collars and their uses.

    • Dog Clicker

      Learn what makes a dog clicker such an effective training device.

    • Dog Training Leashes

      Here is what you need to know to buy the right training leash for your dog.

    • Puppy Crates

      Learn about different types of crates and how to choose the right crate for your puppy.

    • Dog Training Treat

      Find out how use of dog training treats can make your training sessions more productive.

    • Silent Dog Whistle

      Learn how to train your dog from a distance by using a silent dog whistle.

    • Dog Chew Toys

      Chew toys are more than just toys. Learn why they are so important and why every dog should have a couple.

Training Problems


Dog Games

  • Fun Dog Games

    How to integrate dog games into training.

    • Dog Agility Training

      Find out what dog agility is and, even if you don't plan to have your dog compete in the sport, how it can benefit him.

    • Dog Agility Equipment

      An overview of agility equipment.

    • How to Train a Puppy to Fetch

      Fetching can be a great outlet for pent-up energy, a good way to form a stronger bond, and a structured obedience exercise that gives a dog a purpose. Learn how to train a puppy to fetch.

How to Care for Puppies

  • Puppy Care

    Learn about grooming, skin care, flea control and more.

    • Puppy Vaccination Schedule

      A sample vaccination schedule and some possible side effects.

    • Removing Ticks

      There is more to removing a tick than just pulling it out - unless you do it correctly, you leave your dog exposed to numerous diseases. Learn the proper technique.

    • Dog Skin Care

      Learn how to keep your dog's skin and hair healthy.

    • Dog Teeth Cleaning

      To keep your pet's teeth healthy, brush them regularly. Learn the proper technique.

    • Home Remedies for Fleas

      Learn how to keep fleas away from your dog - cheaply and effectively!

    • Dog Spaying

      Find out if this procedure can have a positive effect on your dog (for female dogs).

    • Dog Neutering

      Find out if this procedure can have a positive effect on your dog (for male dogs).

Keeping your Pet Healthy

  • Dog Health Care

    Learn about some common health problems affecting dogs and how to avoid them.

    • Dog Health Problems

      Explanation of the most common dog health problems and diseases.

    • Dog Parasites

      Learn about the most common parasites threatening your dog's health.

    • Dog Ticks

      All about dog ticks.

    • Tick Bite Prevention

      Learn how to protect your pet from tick bites.

    • Tick Bite Symptoms

      Learn how to recognize if your pet was bitten by a tick.

    • Flea Medicine

      A review of flea-control products.

    • Worms in Dogs

      Learn about the causes, symptoms and keeping your dog worm-free.

    • Puppy Worms

      Find out about the the dangers worms pose to your puppy's health.

    • Dog Mites

      Find out if your dog's skin or hair problems are caused by these external parasites.

    • Dog Ear Mites

      Learn why it's so important to treat a pet infected with these parasites.

    • Dog Health Questions

      Find answers to some common dog health questions.

    • Pet Insurance

      Find out why more and more owners are buying medical insurance for their pets.

Additional Dog Training Tips

About Dog Breeds

  • Dog Breed Information

    Contains information on over 120 dog breeds. Find out about the history, physical characteristics, temperament, grooming requirements, and so much more about your favorite breed.

  • Dog Breeds Directory
  • Alphabetical listing of over 120 dog breeds.

  • Dog Breeders
  • Learn how to identify responsible dog breeders.




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