How to Stop Dog Jumping Fence to Escape

If you are looking for solutions to stop dog jumping fence, very likely you are owned by a canine companion with an "escape artist" reputation.

Because fence jumping and escaping can lead to a variety of problematic consequences, you really want to look for a permanent solution to the problem.

A dog will not learn to stop fence jumping on its own simply because the behavior is highly self-reinforcing.

In order to stop fence jumping behavior from reoccurring, you will need to outsmart your astute canine companion.

Let's see what we can do to put a stop to this behavior...

Understanding Fence Jumping in Dogs

Why did your canine companion jump over the fence? Most likely to get to the other side! Unfortunately, escaping from fenced enclosures is not as fun as the riddle would suggest.

Perhaps the worst part of this behavior is the fact that most dogs love to jump fences and will likely repeat it again and again. Similar to dog jumping on people, this behavior is self reinforcing because it always provides some kind of a reward. When your dog jumps over a fence, whatever he finds or sees on the other side is very likely entertaining and rewarding.

How would you feel if every time you opened the door you found a present? Very likely you would open the door on a much more frequent basis in hopes of finding something you love!

Dogs may find a variety of enticing things over the fence which may look pretty insignificant to the average owner. Bird droppings, an abandoned sandwich wrapper, traces of dog pee-mail by a tree, or some squirrels to chase can all be far more fun than being locked in the same old yard all day.

Fence jumping can really offer the dog an exhilarating sensation of freedom, especially when a world of stimulating activities awaits him on the other side.

Stop Dog Jumping Fence

The Most Common Fence Jumping Candidates

Which dogs are more likely to jump fences?

Of course, the combination of a tall, large dog and a low, unstable fence provides the ideal setting for fence jumping behaviors to put roots. On top of that, add a dog that is bored, under stimulated, and possibly lonely, and you have the perfect recipe for a dog eager to get out of its enclosure and explore the world!

Here are some additional situations that may encourage dog jumping fence behavior:

  1. Certain types of dogs such as scent hounds, sight hounds and sporting dogs may be prone to escaping because they often get attracted by irresistible sights or smells.
  2. Dogs suffering from loneliness and separation anxiety often escape in hopes of reaching their owner.
  3. Intact male and female dogs may be more predisposed to escaping when their reproductive needs are high.
  4. Territorial dogs, on the other hand, may engage in fence jumping in an attempt to send an intruder away.
  5. Aggression, fear, anxiety, stress, prey drive, or simply, curiosity can be other motivating factors for fence jumping in dogs.

How to Stop Dog From Jumping Fence

There are many causes for fence jumping in dogs. But regardless of the variety of causes, the good news is that solutions on how to stop dog jumping fence behavior remain the same.

A good starting point for a jumping dog would be to carefully repair any fence holes Rover squeezes through to get to the other side. If the fence is in a bad state, damaged irreparably or not sufficiently high enough, your best bet would be to install a totally new fence or find an alternate solution such as safely crating your dog inside or investing in a sturdy outdoor dog play pen.

There are a variety of sturdy fences on the market that will stop dog jumping fence behavior. Good research is the key to finding the perfect fence that will keep your dog securely confined.

While an invisible pet fence may appear to be a good solution to stop dog jumping fence problem, there are several drawbacks to consider. For example, electronic fences may keep your dog from escaping but other animals may still be capable of coming inside. Also, the shock delivered upon trespassing the boundaries may exacerbate territorial aggression or fear in certain dogs.

Following are some ideas to stop dog jumping fence:

  1. Erect a second fence, about 2 to 3 feet inside the current fence. This fence will slow the dog down, preventing him from being able to jump over.
  2. If your fence is equipped with "toe holds" which allow your dog to grasp onto to jump over, you may need to add some smooth plywood over them.
  3. Invest in a new product on the market known as "Coyote Roller". This product may help make a fence virtually "un-jumpable" while at the same time keeping other animals from coming inside.

Considerations to Stop Dog Jumping Fence

While installing a sturdier fence may look like the perfect solution to stop dog fence jumping, what about your dog? Have you evaluated if he is trying to convey an important message?

Very likely, fence jumping is triggered by an internal emotional state that needs to be addressed. Is your dog bored? Does he need more exercise? Is he stressed? If so, finding how to stop dog jumping fence may not solve the behavioral problem in its entirety. Most likely, another problem may eventually surface such as your dog digging to escape or frustrated barking.

Many dogs do not do too well in fenced yards because they are eager to be with their family. Many owners find that welcoming the dog inside reduces fence jumping and many other unwanted behaviors such as barking and digging.

If a dog must be kept in the fenced yard for a good part of the day, it is important to ensure his exercise and mental stimulation needs are met. A big yard is not a replacement for walking, training and playing with a dog.

Here is a brief video that talks about some of the things we just covered in this article...

Final Thoughts...

If your dog is an escape artist, consider that he may be in danger every time he engages in dog jumping and leaving your property.

You may also be held liable for any damages your dog may cause to other properties, people and animals while venturing around alone in the big, scary world. Finding a way to stop dog jumping fence is the key to keeping your dog safely inside while keeping all your worries out.

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