What Is RSS?

Use the RSS/XML buttons (they're everywhere nowadays) to get the latest Web pages from Puppy Training Solutions, as well as the latest news and updates from your favorite websites. It's like having your favorite parts of the Web come to you.

"RSS" means "Really Simple Syndication." But that is just a fancy way of saying that you can keep up with all the updates to Puppy Training Solutionswithout having to check the site every day to see "what's new."

Whenever I put up a new page or update an old one, I release it through RSS to all my subscribers.

RSS provides very basic information to do its notification. It is made up of a list of items presented in order from newest to oldest. Each item usually consists of a simple title describing the item along with a more complete description and a link to a web page with the actual information being described.

Why RSS?

Yes, RSS is amazing… In addition to saving you time, it offers the following benefits:

And the best part -- it's so easy to subscribe and unsubscribe. If you get tired of me, you just have to delete the feed. It's that simple!

And once you start, you'll soon be tracking all your other favorite interests and news in the world.

How do you get started?


The whole process will not take more than 2 or 3 clicks.

Click on the "RSS FEED" button on your left and select the site where you want to receive the updates. You need to have an account with Yahoo!, Google, MSN, etc. but you probably already do.

And that's it! You're subscribed.

To view the feed, just sign in to the site where you added the feed and start reading.

Here is how the feed will look on Yahoo! (click on My Yahoo! link to view all your feeds). In the picture below, the Puppy Training RSS feed is the first one right under the Search box.

Yahoo! RSS sample