Alphabetical Guide to Dog Breeds

There are over 200 dog breeds in existence. The time you spend now learning about various breeds of dogs will save you from a lot of unpleasant surprises and aggravation in the future.

You see, not all breeds were created equal…

Some require an experienced owner while others are OK for a beginner.

Some breeds are not suited for a family with small children; others are not suited for an apartment lifestyle. Finally, some puppy breeds require a very active owner while others will do just fine with a couch potato.

I can go on and on, but what's important is that not all breeds are compatible with all dog owners. You need to find a dog breed that's right for your family.

The consequences of picking the wrong dog breed are too great. Just think…

  • Being forced to put the puppy up for adoption
  • A family member getting injured by an overly aggressive dog
  • Being forced to rearrange your lifestyle more than you planned
  • Finally, spending a lot of money on the wrong pet

But with so many different dog breeds, how do you choose the one that fits your personality, lifestyle and dog skills? And even if you know which breed is right for you, how do you pick a puppy when you visit a breeder?

I strongly recommend you watch these 3 short videos before you proceed to the alphabetic list of dog breeds.

Browse the following pages. There is information on over 120 of the most popular dog breeds, and I add new breeds all the time!


Dog Breeds Selector



Breeds Beginning with "A"

  Afghan Hound American Foxhound
  Ainu Dog American Mastiff
  Airedale Terrier American Pit Bull Terrier
  Akita American Staffordshire Terrier
  Alaskan Husky American Water Spaniel
  Alaskan Klee Kai Australian Cattle Dog
  Alaskan Malamute Australian Kelpie
  American Bulldog Australian Shepherd
  American Cocker Spaniel Australian Terrier
  American Eskimo Azawakh

Breeds Beginning with "B"

  Basenji Border Terrier
  Basset Bleu de Gascogne Borzoi
  Basset Hound Boston Terrier
  Beagle Boxer
  Bearded Collie Brazilian Mastiff
  Beauceron Brittany
  Bichon Frise Brussels Griffon
  Black Russian Terrier Bull Terrier
  Bloodhound Bulldog
  Bolognese Bullmastiff
  Border Collie  

Breeds Beginning with "C"

  Cairn Terrier Chihuahua
  Cane Corso Chinese Crested
  Cardigan Welsh Corgi Chow Chow
  Caucasian Mountain Dog Cocker Spaniel
  Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Collie
  Cesky Terrier  

Breeds Beginning with "D"

  Dachshund Doberman
  Dalmatian Dogue de Bordeaux

Breeds Beginning with "E"

  English Bulldog English Setter
  English Cocker Spaniel English Shepherd
  English Foxhound English Springer Spaniel
  English Mastiff English Toy Spaniel

Breeds Beginning with "F"

  Field Spaniel Foxhound
  Fila Brasileiro French Bulldog
  Fox Terrier  

Breeds Beginning with "G"

  German Shepherd Great Dane
  German Shorthaired Pointer Great Pyrenees
  German Wirehaired Pointer Greyhound
  Giant Schnauzer  
  Golden Retriever  

Breeds Beginning with "H"

  Havanese Hokkaido Dog

Breeds Beginning with "I"

  Irish Setter Irish Wolfhound
  Irish Terrier Italian Greyhound
  Irish Water Spaniel

Breeds Beginning with "J"

  Jack Russell Terrier Japanese Spaniel
  Japanese Chin Jindo

Breeds Beginning with "K"

  Karelian Bear Dog King Charles Spaniel
  Keeshond Komondor
  Kerry Blue Terrier  

Breeds Beginning with "L"

  Labrador Retriever Lakeland Terrier

Breeds Beginning with "M"

  Maltese Miniature Fox Terrier
  Manchester Terrier Miniature Pinscher
  Mastiff Miniature Poodle
  Miniature Bull Terrier Miniature Schnauzer 

Breeds Beginning with "N"

  Neapolitan Mastiff Norfolk Terrier
  Newfoundland Norwich Terrier

Breeds Beginning with "O"


Breeds Beginning with "P"

  Papillon Pit Bull Terrier
  Parson Russell Terrier Pomeranian
  Pekingese Pug

Breeds Beginning with "Q"


Breeds Beginning with "R"

  Rat Terrier Rottweiler

Breeds Beginning with "S"

  Saint Bernard Siberian Husky
  Saluki Silky Terrier
  Samoyed Smooth Fox Terrier
  Scotch Collie Spanish Mastiff
  Scottish Terrier Springer Spaniel
  Shar Pei Staffordshire Bull Terrier
  Shetland Sheepdog Standard Poodle
  Shiba Inu Standard Schnauzer
  Shih Tzu  

Breeds Beginning with "T"

  Tibetan Mastiff Toy Fox Terrier
  Tibetan Spaniel Toy Poodle

Breeds Beginning with "U"


Breeds Beginning with "V"


Breeds Beginning with "W"

  Weimaraner Whippet
  Welsh Terrier Wire Fox Terrier

Breeds Beginning with "X"


Breeds Beginning with "Y"

  Yorkshire Terrier  

Breeds Beginning with "Z"


If you need help with training and housebreaking your puppy, I recommend you study and closely follow Secrets to Dog Training and Ultimate House Training guides. You can also select the behavior or obedience problem from the list below and click "Go"...

Another valuable resource that I feel every dog owner needs to have is the Ultimate Guide to Dog Health. It will teach you how to recognize common health problems and administer first aid if your pet gets ill.

Before you get your new puppy, learn as much as you can about the breed temperament, amount of exercise it will require, health concerns, grooming requirements, and the type of family it will do best with.

Don't make a mistake of picking the wrong breed. With so many dog breeds to choose from, there is at least one that's right for you!

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