Basic Dog Obedience Training:
Tips, Tricks and Techniques

Basic dog obedience training is part of being a responsible dog owner and is crucial for raising a well-adjusted pet that is compatible with today's society.

There is no shadow of doubt that well-trained dogs are much easier to live with and a joy to have around when compared to their untrained peers.

But basic obedience training encompasses much more than teaching your pet to sit, stay and heel, rather it's a tool that helps manage dogs better and helps them effectively cope with the real world.

Benefits of Basic Dog Obedience Training

Basic obedience not only teaches dogs good manners but also sets a foundation to prevent and solve numerous behavioral problems.

Training your dog to sit, for instance, is not just about having your pet obey a command. Because when asked to sit, he cannot engage at the same time in unwanted behaviors such as jumping, chewing or digging, it offers an alternate behavior while granting composure and self-control.

Basic Dog Obedience Training

From a relationship standpoint, basic obedience training helps establish a connection which helps build and strengthen your bond. When training is rewarding and fun, it can be a pleasant process for both you and your pet, which can ultimately lead to a journey studded with many accomplishments and success.

But best of all, a puppy that responds readily to basic dog training commands is ultimately a privileged puppy, which can reap the rewards of being taken along to public places and be part of other social gatherings.

The Importance of Basic Obedience

There are no age restrictions when it comes to training your dog, indeed, you can start as early as 8 weeks when you first bring your puppy home and continue throughout your dog's life.

Ongoing training keeps a dog's mind stimulated and out of trouble, whereas, lack of training is a whole different story. A puppy left all day alone in the yard, for instance, will likely engage in barking, digging and chewing just to keep its mind stimulated.

An under-stimulated mind, along with lack of structure and training, may quickly lead to a chain of behavioral problems. It's a sad fact that a great number of dogs relinquished to shelters have a history of behavioral problems. In many instances, these problems could have been effectively defused with some basic dog obedience training and a bit more structure. Don't let your puppy down: cut out a few minutes each day for brief and fun training sessions and he will lead a much happier and healthier life!

An Overview of Basic Obedience Commands

All dogs should be at least familiar with the ABC'S of obediance training. Sit, Down, Stay, Come and Heel are common basic dog obedience training commands that can turn out helpful in a variety of situations. Whether you are training your dog at home or outdoors under distractions, he should respond to these basics commands.

Training your dog to come when called, for instance, can prove to be a life saver when he is heading towards upcoming traffic or in some other dangerous situation. Training your dog to stay is a great way to keep him under control when guests are over or as you clean up a spill. Training your puppy to heel teaches composure and self-control on walks.

With basic dog obedience training commands, your pet ultimately learns how to relate to people and other dogs and become a reliable member of society.

Obedience Training: Tips and Methods

There are different philosophies when it comes to basic obedience training for dogs.

Positive reinforcement, based on the scientific principles of learning theory, is a non-confrontational way to train dogs based on rewards. When good behaviors are rewarded and unwanted behaviors are ignored, dogs learn fairly quickly what behaviors yield the best results. Dog clicker training, in particular, is one of the most common and popular training methods used today.

But whether you train your puppy by shaping, luring, capturing or prompting, obedience training does not just happen overnight, rather, it requires consistency, patience and some basic knowledge about how dogs learn best. Following dog obedience tips and tricks of the trade is a must if your goal is to raise a well-mannered dog that is a joy to be around.

Obedience Training For Dogs: A Win-Win Situation

Wondering how to train a puppy? You are not alone, many owners find the process challenging at times, especially if they are first time dog owners.

Puppies do not come with a manual and troubleshooting issues as they arise may appear like an arduous task when you are on your own. Some basic obedience tips can help avoid common mistakes and help you reap the rewards of owning a well-mannered puppy.

Some owners will often proceed to the next level, well beyound basic obedience. They teach their dogs cute tricks and even enroll in trials and obedience competitions.

Training a puppy to fetch may teach a great game that will keep him entertained while you can be comfortably sitting on your couch. Follow these how to train a puppy to fetch step-by-step instructions for more details.

Some owners also proceed to teaching dog training hand signals that will impress family and friends and turn helpful when giving basic obedience commands from a distance.

Basic dog obedience training sets down rules and boundaries to help your puppy gain confidence and become a trusted member of society. Cut out some time each day to teach basic dog obedience training to your puppy and he will learn how to behave in almost any situation.

Here is a brief video that shows a basic dog obedience training session with a young Labrador Retriever puppy. You can read more about some of the techniques you see in this video by following the links on this page.

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