Puppy Potty Training and Housebreaking

Puppy potty training can be frustrating, especially for a new dog owner. At the same time, potty training is a crucial step that will shape your future relationship with your dog.

It will be your job to help your puppy develop bowel and bladder control and teach him where he is allowed to do his "business".

You will also need to learn how to avoid some very common mistakes.

If you can accomplish all that, potty training will not look as scary and unattainable as it may seem now.

An Introduction to Puppy Potty Training...

Raising a puppy is somewhat similar to raising a small child.

All puppies are unique and learn at their own pace. That's why it's so important to be patient and not to force things. But I promise, potty training will not last forever!

Before we look at housebreaking techniques, let me offer some puppy potty training tips that are easy to implement and will reduce the training time...

  • Designate an outdoor area where your puppy will go to relieve himself. Always take him there first.
  • When you take your puppy outdoors, don't play with him until he does his "business".
  • Always take your puppy for a walk just before his bedtime.
  • Don't give him any food or water after you return home after the last walk of the day.
  • Unless you can take your puppy for a walk every 2 hours, don't expect him to be fully housebroken until he is at least 6 months old.

Here is a short video introduction to dog potty training...

To speed up and make potty training less frustrating and destructive, plenty of training aids are available. For additional potty training advice, visit:

If you require even more potty training advice, I highly recommend this house training eBook. It covers several puppy potty training methods and addresses every possible scenario you may encounter during this challenging period.

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